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Arranger for XD

Wave Layout

1) General Information

  • Arrange any type of object: rectangles, ellipses, polygons or even text.
  • Objects need to be inside a group for Arranger to do its magic.
  • If they are not inside a group Arranger will create a group for you.

2) Period

  • The size of a single wave cycle until it repeats.

3) Amplitude

  • Amplitude is the height above and below a zero line (reference line). If the amplitude is set to 50 the height of the complete wave will be 100 (from -50 to 50).
  • If you need a complete wave height of  200 than you have to set the amplitude to 100 (half the height).

4) Distance

  • Distance between the center points of each art object.

5) Start Angle

  • Start Angle defines at which point the first art object is positioned. Accordingly all other art objects will be set.
  • The best way to watch its effect is to press the up arrow for a longer period. The value will increment and you can watch the arrangement.